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★★★★★ | Honey Mustard Chicken & Potatoes (one pan)


Honey Mustard Chicken & Potatoes is all made in one pan! Succulent hen thighs oven baked within the nice honey mustard sauce makes an smooth dinner.

The flavour aggregate makes this Honey Mustard Chicken one of the fine recipes I even have on here. You realize whilst you’re looking at a tray of meat (in this situation, bird), and you’ve NO concept what to make with it, however then a craving hits you so tough for a particular flavour that you HAVE to strive it? Then, you hold including things to stated yearning, and something virtually exquisite takes place.

Honey mustard sauce

Why do I say some thing extremely good happens? It’s the sauce. The sauce may additionally flavor robust earlier than it is going into the oven, which is a good thing. Once the chicken begin to release their herbal juices at the same time as baking, that’s in which the magic starts offevolved. The honey mustard turns into salty/sweet pan juices, with a kick of garlic and an unmistakable mustard tang.

Even if you’re NOT keen on honey mustard, this one is for you.

Chicken and potatoes

If there’s a recipe I propose you strive, its this one. There’s absolutely not anything better or clean than cooking potatoes and chook in the one pan, saving you dishes and oven trays, with pan juices soaking into the meat and potatoes whilst roasting within the oven.

That’s the liquid gold, right there.

Vegetable alternatives

We add inexperienced beans in to finish the meal, however you could add:

  • Brussels spouts
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus

Or another vegetable you want!

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