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Chicken Alfredo Bake


Totally rich, creamy and delicious, you will never expect it out of the fridge! Making your own Alfredo chicken toast is easier than you think!


My brother’s Alfredo chicken grill recipe. Who called me at night and asked if I could give me the Alfredo chicken recipe because she and her family loved Alfredo bread at Costco, but of course they didn’t like the price. And when you skip a bunch of things like this every night or so, it tends to get expensive very quickly!

Now, full disclosure I actually haven’t tried Costco’s Chicken Alfredo Chicken. Mainly because I and dairy products are not friends. Anything soaked in a white cream sauce, no matter how rich and tasty, will definitely cause me sadness. (My poor kids are allergic too.)

So I usually avoid such things. You know, self-protection and all … But my amazing and amazing sister, I can’t ignore her help! I mean, come on, her family! So I took out some Alfredo recipes and started editing. It can be said that although the gastrointestinal tract had a significant effect, I spent time serving the team. It pains me that I cannot often eat an allergy to dairy products! But of course I could eat her a lot if possible. Well, people. It is really good! I will not lie. This stuff is very rich! It may be close to a “heart attack”. But my God, it tastes divine! ! ! Most importantly, you can keep it in the refrigerator in advance!


I recommend using grilled chicken for this adds a great flavor!

My favorite is grilled chicken with weber chicken spices.

Despite the name, it’s not hot. But it’s delicious!

The last bottle is out and this store is out. My job now is to recreate it and make it myself.

We hope this happens soon.


This recipe produces a large batch large enough to hold a large casserole dish. However, if you have a smaller family, you can divide it into two parts – half for dinner, while the other half is frozen in smaller dishes, then prepare a second meal. Or use it in two separate frozen meals.

You can even freeze it in a separate dinner for use during meals. All ingredients are completely cooked before freezing, so you can put them in a separate container and microwave for lunch or a snack.

Now, if you can forgive me, I will dream of eating Alfredo Bake chicken, and eat a milk-free salad, which is not satisfactory, but it definitely makes my heart easier.

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