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Our family went to get the classic cake cookie recipe! These cakes are exotic, chewy, and have a lot of chocolate flavor. Also, you can customize it with various additives like nuts, mint chips and caramel. We have also tested this recipe several times and found it can make gluten-free cakes and cakes!
I am afraid of making a “classic” brownies bun because it means so many different things to so many people.

Strange looks, chewy, bun, crispy, moist, chocolate – these are the words people use to describe classic cakes.

I think this is a tough fight!

I realized that I don’t even know what kind of cake the cake I liked the most. How do I create a classic brownie cake when I’m not sure what I like?

So Brownie started testing.

After 5 batches I start with more cakes and then I realize I love to chew on chocolate cookies, this is what I mean by classic cakes.

How would I describe this brownie?

Still weird, but I don’t think it’s strange to eat melted chocolate. The outside is crispy and shiny. Chew a little. Perfect Cake is a cake cake that can absorb a little vanilla ice cream when eaten together

How to make a chewy brownie

It started with chocolate cakes, which are very heavy. Lots of melted chocolate is what makes Brownie clumsy. But for a smooth feel I reduced the amount of melted chocolate and increased the amount of cocoa powder.

How to make a brownie with a crispy, shiny top

After consulting many websites, I found that sweetening eggs is the most effective way to brighten the crunchy surface of chocolate cakes. I don’t think the simple sugar content in the recipe is also important.

Butter VS. Oil in brownies

For my personal taste, I found that the best brownie cake uses a mixture of butter and vegetable oil. Butter enhances the natural flavor of chocolate, while the oil helps to produce smooth cakes.

How many eggs should I put in homemade brownies?

Finally, discuss the eggs. I found that I love 2 eggs and extra yolk. Additional egg yolks add more fat, resulting in a thin brownie cake.

Should I use a glass or metal pan?

I used an 8 x 8 inch glass baking dish because that’s something in my kitchen! You can use a metal frying pan, it is recommended to reduce the baking time by five minutes. Metal frying pans heat up faster and produce chocolate cakes.

Can I add nuts or other add-ins to these brownies?

Completely! Add 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup add-on. You can add all kinds of nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, mint chips, caramel chips, rice chips, etc.

What type of gluten free flour should I use to make gluten free brownies?

I have recommended and tested this recipe several times using “King Gluten Arthur’s accurate Gluten-Free Measurement”.


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