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These slutty cakes are the best desserts I have ever tried. They have a cookie base of premium and soft chocolate, a layer of Oreo cookies, and a chocolate cake on top! This recipe is 100% zero and definitely the most indulgent brownie recipe.

What Are Slutty Brownies?

By definition, a slutty cookie has:

  1. Layer of chocolate biscuit on the bottom
  2. Oreo cookies in regular, filled with double, regular, you can choose
  3. Brownie is on top

Why Are they Called Slutty Brownies?

I learned from reading Amanda’s last post that when she first invented the recipe, she was called Coque de Oreo Browns. But in the end, it was the Internet that changed the name to Slutty Browns. Personally, I prefer the original name because I don’t think anyone deserves to be called a “slutty”, including a cookie cake. But hey, do you buns with other names like sweet?

How to Make Slutty Brownies

Today’s recipe is 100% zero. As for the cookie dough layer, I slightly modified my favorite blonde recipe. It’s chewy, smooth and full of chocolate bars. The cookie dough layer spreads on the bottom of the pan, then a layer of Oreo cookies is pressed on top.

For the muffin layer, I want the muffins to be chewy and chewable, but not very thick, because these chocolate bars are really pretty. I also want to make sure the cake dough is thin enough to be easily poured / sprinkled on Oreo cookies, but not too sticky. If the cake cakes are too sticky, they will not stay together or sliced. So brown dough is made with semi-sweet chocolate (or darker for a richer flavor), as well as a modest amount of flour that is chewy and pleasant, but you can still cut it.

* Please note that baking time is long. These cakes are very thick, so baking takes about 50 minutes. The process is completed when the toothpick is clean or contains a small amount of wet debris. If you bet on the frying pan and see that the middle of the chocolate cake is shaking, that is not over.

Expert Advice: Before cutting, make sure the chocolate cake is completely cooled. Otherwise, you will be a little confused. You will need to cool for at least 4 hours for a simple, clean section. Waiting for the cake to cool is definitely the hardest part of making this recipe!

Do I need to make a delicious brownie cake from scratch?

I (apparently) recommend it. However, you can use boxed cakes or a pre-prepared slice of chocolate chip cookie (or both). The baking time will also be about 50 minutes.

Pan size

The following recipe is for 9 x 13 inches. It can be easily cut in half and made into a 8 x 8 or 9 x 9 inch bowl. The baking time is about the same.

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